Sleeping with your toddler

I love to sleep with my LO and hope I can sleep with her for as long as possible. Can I know mummies out there sleep with your LO until what age?

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My 2 year old toddler still sleeps with me on the same bed. I'm planning to let her sleep by herself in her own room, her own bed when she turn 7 year old.

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Since you love to sleep with her.. You can sleep with her as long as you want. Until she starts saying that she wants to sleep by herself.

As in 1 bed? Or 1 bedroom? I will have my lo sleep in his own room at ard 1.5 to 2yrs old. Its all personal preference 🙂

Hi, Yes it is a good feeling. When I was a baby , I slept with my mom and dad for 3 years almost

She is 19m Old now and I’m still sleeping with her


Lo is 2 and we still sleep together.

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Almost 3 years