My little girl sees me as a human pacifier. I realized that when she is with my parents or husband, she allows them to rock her to sleep. However, whenever she sees me, she would constantly wants to latch on, whether she is hungry or not. With other people, her routine revolved around eat, play and sleep. With me, it's only 70% eat and 30% sleep (you get the gist). Anyone facing same issue as me? How do you refrain your little one from Comfort latching all the time?

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Well, I think it is because you are the only one currently who can offer that option for her. Suckling is comforting for your baby. You can consider offering a pacifier in place if you are open to that option. One of my friends really enjoy these sessions with her daughter as she feels that it is her "cheat" way of soothing her baby. Though it is really tiring but she was able to sleep through the such sessions now.

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6y ago

Tried pacifier with her but she was smart enough to reject it. She rejects bottles as well. My only worry now is that she can't tell the difference between hunger and comfort latching, and may hinder her development since she spends most of her time with me sleeping and latching and not doing any other things

If it's "comfort" your little girl is looking for from you when she's not hungry, maybe you can try to replace it with actual comfort items like a security blanket, toys or even a pacifier. I know some parents are not too okay with using pacifiers but I reckon it's better than you turning into a human pacifier right?

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