Cost Of Hiring A Maid

I would like to ask. The cost of hiring a maid is about how much? And also my flat now is with tenants. Will it affect the headcount that I need to ask a tenant to leave for my maid to come in?

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If you count for everything it’s about $1k a month take part time instead saves $ part timers are $50 per 3 hours or $60 for 4 hours unless you need full time maid for a reason personally I don’t like someone living in our house it’s stressful 😬😬😂verry hard to adjust as well,and if you ever take full time maid join fb group (full tme part time nanny)n hire directly cost less if you go through agency they charge you 3 times!!of the cost

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There are several factor you will need to consider, but I would budget for approx 800-1300 SGD. But you will also have incidental expenses as well so this is not the final cost.

hi there, it would be dependent on some factors like experience, where the helper is from, but i would say around $850-$1200 including levy and other kinds of agreed allowance

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Salary ranges from $500-$800 depends on experience etc. you will also need to spend more on food, water and electricity bills. Headcount depends on the flat type.

it depends on where the helper sis from, and their experience etc...usually total (including salary, levy, food etc), you'll need around $1000 - $1500.

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Hi... average Helper’s salary ranges from $500 to $700. Government levy at $260. Not sure about household headcounts.

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It should be around $800. How many people in the house hold

All inclusive cost generally is between 1-1.5k per month

salary + food + additional bill and stuffs, about 1.5k

It's around 800-1k depending on nationality