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Dear parents, I’m new in hiring maid . Would like to know if you pay your helper extra if the maid is entitled to 2 Sunday’s off and there are 5 sundays in a month? So do I need to pay her on the 3rd Sunday she work given that there are 5 Sunday in a month .

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It depends if you allowed ur helpee to have all the sunday off then by all means you no need to pay her. As for my case, my helper still have maid loan ongoing. So i only pay for her offdays that she work. We set up n schede for her. When she off and when we need her.


my helper don't have off day. I have to pay her for the off day. not necessary to be Sunday my helper will only required off when she need to transfer money. most of the time she off during weekday when I'm free.

3mo ago

sounds good! where did you get your helper from?

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Yes I do give her for all the Sundays that she stays home