Cow’s milk alternative

I am lactose intolerant and hence cannot drink cow’s milk during pregnancy for calcium. What are some alternatives? Soy milk can?

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I bought these from giants and also soy milk. Oh and calcium supplement from gynae.

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Lactose intolerant. Same as me. I got the same issue as u. I take soy milk!

Super Mum

Goats milk! Can order fresh from the farms delivered to your house.

Yup soy milk is fine. Choose the ones with hi calcium and low fat.

I drink goats milk. Cos i seem to puke when drinking cows milk..

2y ago

I ordered online. Very nice! No smell. Its dates and goats milk. I can drink it. I guess my baby dont like cow milk.. even maternal milk i cant drink now.. and ive alr bought a tin of it. Manage to drink 1/4 only! 😄😄

Try taking calcium pill with vitamin D instead?

Yes. You can try plant based protein or goat milk

Get those low in sugar and fortified

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I took the calcium pill 😂

Can take calcium tablets

2y ago

U can check have those which say specifically for prenatal. Or else u can check with your gynae