Supplements for Trimester 2

May I know what supplements does the Gynae prescribe for trimester 2 usually ? Is drinking pregnancy milk necessary ?

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Would be prescribed obimin. And for me, doc prescribed fish oil and then in 3rd tri was iron tablets. Milk is good to be incorporated in diet as it provides calcium.

Mine was obimin all the way. Initially i keep asking if i need other supplements. But they say obimin is sufficient.

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My gynae prescribe multivitamin, fish oil & calcium tablets. I don’t drink pregnancy milk. I drink fresh milk

My gynae gave me calcium, obimin and fish oil. I'm not taking pregnancy milk, but I drink Meiji fresh milk :)

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My gynae gives calcium and iron pills. I bought Blackmores pregnancy and breastfeeding supplement myself too.

My doc prescribed me fish oil, folic acid, calcium and iron pills. I drink fresh milk except for HL milk


Was given iron pills, fish oil for pregnancy and multi vit