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Hi, do your gynae prescribe iron supplements for you during pregnancy ? How many mg per day? Thanks!

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I don't think your ob/gyn will specifically prescribe you with iron unless required. Most of the prenatal multi vitamins already contains iron as part of the elemental minerals. Mine one comes with 5mg of iron per tablet.

I was prescried iron tablets during my third tri.. cus i had thalessemia i guess which is someting like having low red blood cells. Cant remember how many mg though. The brand given was sangobion.

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I didn't get prescribed iron specifically but the multivitamins I took did have a small amount of iron (5mg)

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Not all pregnant women need iron supplement, so do chevk woth your gynae

Not everyone needs so best to check with gynae and follow what they say

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Best to consult your gynaecologist and get more information...

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