Hi, may I know how many ml of plain water should I give my lo? How is 3 months going 4 months soon. And is on fully on formula milk. I was told to give abit of water to him.

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Children below 6 months old do not need any plain water - all they need is either breast milk or formula, no other food or drinks! This is because breast milk and formula consists of a high percentage of water already, helping to sustain whatever fluid LO needs - their body is also not well-equipped to be processing plain water yet.

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below 6 months you don't need to offer any water as baby is not on solid food yet and totally depending on milk as their main source of food. FM already have water in it and it's sufficient for a baby.

Don't need water till 6 months. Even formula fed babies. Even on hot days. Who gave advice on feeding water? If must, few drops is ok. But babies don't need water

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they do not need any water under 6 months because fm has enough water content. the reason why we offer water at 6 months above because of solid food.

I gave teaspoons of water as and when. No need to be specific. I give more on days that are exceptionally hot.

I gave only sips of water and baby is fine. I think it is ok to give them sips in between formula feeds.