My 8 months lo poo is hard and he is crying when he poo.. There is a little abit of blood stain on the poo.. What must I let him eat so he can poo normally. Is it I didn't give him enough water? He eat solid food twice a day. Other then that all drink milk. His solid food I give him carrot, pumpkin, broccoli and fish porridge. I didn't give him too much plain water only when he is eating porridge I will offer him plain water.

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Give him prune juice (unsweetened one). Dilute it with water (1 part juice and 2 parts water) and give it to him. U must also give him water throughout the day, not only just during meal times.. you can also try probiotics and yogurt.

Must giver water. Its very important. Teach and start from young if it persist go see a doctor.

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you can start giving him water through the day. give some prunes purée. It works!

Give some apples or other fruits everyday. Need to give water too.

As and when you have to give water

Prune juice works wonders.