I keep on gaining weight because I have a PCOS. So what can I do to stop this. I don't want to gain more weight. I always try to exercise naman. And are pills not good for us coz my mom don't want me to take pills.

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That's the normal side effect of taking pills to cure pcos: Water Retention. So to counter it, we should exercise at least 3-4 times a week minimum of 30 minutes per session. Eat more meat too so you can burn more fats and calories.

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Pwede mo po try magtake ng POWER TRIO (fern d, fern activ at milkca) ng ifern super safe at proven effective po lalo na po sa case ninyo. Wala naman pong masama kung susubukan po ninyo.

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Drink plenty of water before you eat,pra di gaano mpadami kain mo and exercise. 😊

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try nyo po uminom ng sampa sampalukan herbal medicine po yun.

Try mopo intermittent fasting. From 80Kg down to 65Kg po.