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During this pregnancy period honestly I’m denial with my body weight. Before I only weigh 50-51kg , I’m conscious with my diet and I do exercise often. Until I became pregnant whenever I have prenatal schedules weight is being monitored but I don’t want to see what the nurse put on my record. And yesterday I decided to get to know my weight, I was shocked I reached 64.5 kg already. With this I’m motivated to do squats everyday and eat what is only enough for me & for baby in a day. 😊 #thoughtssharing #weightconcioushere

Increase Weight
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I just wanna share mine. My height is 5"6 and before I got pregnant my normal weight ranges from 58kg to 62kg.. When I got pregnant, I'm not putting too much attention to my weight.. I just don't care. But at end of my pregnancy it peaked to 85kg, I gained a lot of weight even though I wasn't eating that much because of my heightened sense of taste and smell. It's okay to gain weight as long as you and your baby are healthy. Just enjoy your pregnancy journey 😘

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depends with your height and your weight before getting pregnant. as long as your doctor is saying okay,no need to worry much about the weight. :)