I have concerns.. worried

I jus give birth not long ago, living in the same household with my hub family.. my sis in law bf keep coming to our house stay overnight..he is not vaccinated yet, high risk to spread the virus to us, ..and recently there are so many unlinked cases out there.. i hope he dont come to our house so often but i cant stop him from coming...what should i do? I hope govt can hv temp rule to stop ppl visiting/mingling with different household ppl...😩

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I will talk to my husband first and see how best we can approach it. my in laws are staying with us and taking care of my baby on weekdays and my bil 3yo on weekends at our respective households. We told our in laws to avoid cross mingling btw households for at least a month and my husband spoke to his brother to seek his understanding to make arrangements for my niece to be taken care by his wife family. Our objective is to protect both kids and reduce point of contact. only my hubby and my in laws have been vaccinated but that's not the point as that doesn't mean vaccinated ppl won't be infected. we also encourage my bil if he can, try not to put his child at childcare during this period.

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12mo ago

You have a great husband. :)

Ya the only thing you can do is speak to your husband and see if he can do anything. Is this your house or your in law's place? I think if is your own house can have more say. And by the way vaccinated doesnt mean wont kana. But of coz not vaccinated the impact will b higher. Just have hygiene practices and dun let down your guards?

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12mo ago

I dont think it is true that vaccinated ppl wun spread. I tink its more of when they kena the symptom n impact is not so bad compared to those not vaccinated. That said, if you talk to ur hb also no use, i also not sure what can help.

:( That's an awful situation to be in, esp for a new mum. Try to avoid interaction with the rest in the household as well, not just him -- if touchwood he's not well, he would pass to others anyway. I would try to sanitize my hands more after touching common surfaces in the house.

i believe everyone is in risk not only him, unless your family members do not step out from your house at all. if u are so worry and can't voice out, the only thing that u can do is stay in your own room and practice good hygiene stay safe 🙏

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you should talk it's not that you don't want them to come,at this moment it all for safety. in our house or people invite me and my husband we always say no because we don't know as many cases right now.Just talk to them nicely for sure they will understand.

12mo ago

my pil say nvm.. they cannot go out dating liao, now stay our home also cannot. later they break up how.. lol

Like you say you can’t stop him but perhaps you can talk to your husband and see is he can talk to your sister and see if there’s a better arrangement.

Hi, I think the best way is to speak to your husband about this on priority as he can explain better to his sister as it is for the safety of the baby

12mo ago

they dont care loh.. selfish ppl


try to voice your concerns with your husband and work out something