I am interviewing with a company and just found out that I am 2 months pregnant. Should I tell the company now or wait for the offer?

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Hi, even though it is your choice in the end, since you asked, I would suggest you be upfront about it and tell your possible employer that you found out you are pregnant. First up, congrats on the pregnancy :) If you delay it and disclose once you have the offer letter, it may create a negative image. Your employers may feel cheated and the trust they would have otherwise placed in you as an employee may waver. I would suggest be honest about it and tell them that you are extremely happy about this new development, but that you are also very passionate and dedicated towards your career, and that you will not let your pregnancy status affect your work (till the time you need to go on maternity leave that is). I am sure if the company is genuinely caring of its employees it will understand. All the best! :)

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HI, If there is much time for the offer to come then I think you must tell but if you think it will come any day then you can tell them once you get the offer as well. Just measure the pros and cons. Since, you are dealing with the people there, you would know better that how they are going to take the news to be. But in any case, I think it is always better to be honest with your employer. As they say, "Honesty is the best policy."

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I think, you will anyway have to tell the company now or later, so it will be better if you keep the things clean. I know, what your fears must be, but now, things are changing in the workplace, and perhaps you gain by telling the truth than keeping it on hold.

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You have to tell them to prevent future problems of them sacking you before you take ur ML. If they are happy with your resume, they may accept you even if you are pregnant

You should tell them to save yourself from future issues.