Maternity leave.

Hi there. Just would like to clarify. I just started working with this company. Almost 3 months now. I am not sure what is the consequences. Do you think they will terminate me? Or is there by any chance I won’t get paid if I am barely a year in the company? Correct me if I am wrong. I understand from a friend that I am not entitled for maternity leave if I am not in the company for one year.

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So long as you’ve worked in the company for at least 3 months, you are entitled to Maternity Benefits. I also just joined the company when I informed them of my pregnancy. And it was just wonderful that they were supportive. 😊

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according to MOM regulation as long as u are employed in the same company for more than 3m u are entitled for maternity leave. the company cannot terminate u because of your pregnancy.

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According to MOM law, as Long u work more than 3 months you are entitled to maternity leave ( Singapore citizens ) You can go to MOM website.

for ML entitlement, you need to be in 3 months of continuous employment in the same company. Hope you have completed your probation period.

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Are you a local? By right on MOM website you should be entitled as long as you have worked at least 3 months or more before your maternity leave..

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Oh thank you for your clarification. I was quite worried. Yes i am true blue local singaporean. I was informing my boss about it and she was quite stunt :( But congratulate me at the same time. She was stunned because I am barely there for a year. Is there any loss for the company or so? Wondering why she mentioned that I just started working.

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As long as you're employed more than 3 months, you're entitled for maternity leave

Normally u should inform your employer you are pregnant during the interview.

U shld declare during ur interview