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Hello everyone. I’ve completed my degree two years back and took on a SGTRAINEESHIP which ended yesterday. My boss offered me a new contract. Also, I’ve been trying to find a job more similar to what I do ( a very niche degree) for over 2 years and can’t find becsuse they mostly need someone with experience. I finally got an offer recently. But I am also 3 months pregnant. Should I take up the job that I desperately wanted since 2 years back, or should I just stick to stability and carry on with my current company. I have yet to declare to the new company that Imm pregnant to, so I’m not sure if they will retract the contract. What should I do? I’m a STM so I’m showing even at 3 months. I can’t hide. Advise please!!!

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If it’s really what you want, be honest with them and let them know that you are pregnant. If they decide to retract, at least you still have your old job with you. Can wait till you give birth, to look for a similar one again although it may take quite some time. I previously wanted to do a job hop while trying for a family. The boss was kind enough to agree and even told me about their maternity benefits. :) jiayou

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