I am in my second trimester and I keep scratching my body all day. What's happening? Is this normal?

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Same happen to me is normal ok Next time once it start scratching you get a rub and maserge in ur tummy

same with me

I am like that as well, it started in my first trimester. Oatmeal baths help relieve the itchiness

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Nothing happen

Good evening, I am in third trimester anytime I take orange I feel uncomfortable.. What could be the cause.

12mo ago

I experience that any time I take penapple

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Same here is so itchy especially after a walk outside of house when the weather is hot outside

Same with me

yeap. normal.

I am in 3 Rd trimester n keep getting itching specifically at night which keeps me awake . So my gynaecologist adviced me to take cetrizine . It’s allergy medicine n I can say it helps me for reduced effect but whole day I feel sleepy n tired due to this medicine .

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