I am in my second trimester and lately I have developed a craving for smelling chalk? Is it normal?

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Yes, it's a bit worrying and seems that you are suffering from Pica disorder. Pica is an eating disorder and it causes an uncontrollable desire to eat substances with little or no nutritional value. Often pregnant women who are deficient in iron or zinc have craving to eat substances other than normal food such as chalk or clay. Eating non-food substances is potentially harmful to both you and your baby. Please visit your doctor.

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Don’t panic; it happens and is not abnormal. It seems that you have Pica disorder. Pica is a eating disorder of craving substances with little or no nutritional value. Pica cravings are sometimes the body’s attempt to obtain vitamins or minerals that are missing through normal food consumption. Monitor your iron status along with other vitamin and mineral intake. Please inform your health gynaecologist and seek advice.

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Don't worry. Speak to your gynae. It could be a disorder that you are craving for a certain nutrient

i wouldn't panic. i would definitely bring it up during my next check up.