Headache In Second Trimester

Hi All.. I am in my second trimester. I get frequent headaches. Almost once in 4 days. Did anyone have this issue? Any remedies? Please advise.

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yes ! same here ! soon as I entered 2nd trimester palagi na may headache . i only take biogesic pag di na talaga kaya yung sakit .. and drink lots of water . that's because of our hormones daw ..

Yes, me too, once I reached 2nd tri, headaches almost everyday. Drink lots of water, keep your self hydrated. I also sometimes take panadol if can't tahan the pain..🤰

me too! I didn't have so much headache in my first trimester, now I just keep getting dizzy spell almost every day. I just lie down and hope it tides over

Same here. I'm also in my second trimester. Almost everyday I have headache. I just drink a lot of water when I feel this aching head of mine.

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I have frequent migraine throughout my previous pregnancy too. Sometimes the pain will radiated to my shoulder and back

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Same po sakin. Ano po ginagawa nyo pag naatake na ang migraine nyo? Sakin po pag hndi ko na kaya ang sakit I take Biogesic. pero nung hndi pa ako preggy I usually take Advil po.

Me! For 1 week straight, i had headache everyday. I used Ice pack to relieve the pain coz i dont want to drink medicine.

Same. I am having a hard time focusing on my work. It started during my 1st trimester til now.

Me too. I apply medicated oil and took a panadol (it’s safe) to recover it all !

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Hala, ako din 14weeks & 5days preggy here. Kahapon lang nag start headaches ko. normal lang pala yon??

same here. I just drink lots of water and get enough rest and sleep

Drenched myself in Vicks and Axeoil. And yes - water.