Feeling nauseous for all cooking smells

I am in my first trimester and I cannot stand for any cooking smell. So I don't go to the kitchen. But now I am unable to eat cooked food, feeling nauseous. Now I am taking a few selections of food, Mums do you have an idea how long this is going on? I feel hungry but.. can not eat..

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Mine started to go off during the Second Trimester, around week 14. I was still feeling nausea but did not vomit. During the first trimester after week 6, I have been vomiting everything I eat and drink until I was admitted into hospital due to dehydration at Week 12. It's horrible and tiring but think of your baby, and it will keep you going. Not able to eat then try taking water to stay hydrated. Try eating some cream crackers too. It might help. Just eat light even if you are vomiting. It's perfectly fine to eat and throw up. Just eat whenever you feel hungry. But if there is really no appetite to eat, then rest more and don't force yourself to intake any food. Hang in there! 💪

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It’s normal, I am not able to tolerate my neighbours’ daily cookings which they used to smell good to me even when I was carrying my first born.. Now I can only close all my kitchen windows tight so I don’t smell it.. It also applies to some men perfumes and cigarettes smell that i can’t take it at all.. Just feel so nauseous after it and causing me bad reflux.. Now at 2nd trimester, it didn’t goes off.. But I believe it should be all gone after baby born as this is due to e hormonal changes in my body now.. 😊

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It will last at least 1st trimester and a half. Hehe. Mine was like that. Had a hard time eating. And I don enter kitchen unnecessarily. I also really so much on foods such as soya bean beancurd, oats, even the my meal replacement packed with 22 vitamins & minerals. U can look up Nutrastart. From 4Life products https://4l.shop/1QEIB . I was recommended this make me full too :) hope this benefits u!

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Throughout my 1stT I couldn’t bring myself to cook anything. It just makes me sick. Now in 2nd T I tried cooking some dishes but with big challenges coz when I look at the raw ingredients like fish, chicken, I will immediately feel nauseous. I’m taking small steps to get back to cooking and am blessed that my husband understands. Different pregnancy differs so follow ur body. 😘

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Hi mama! Try eating bread with your fav spreads. Kaya, Mayo etc. it’s okay to feel nauseous or even puke, it’s normal. I puked a lot but it’s okay !! It will pass.. I’m almost 6 mths now, still puking here and there but all good. Hang in there mama!

It really depends on individual. I felt nauseous throughout my first trimester but did not vomit. The smell of cooking really put me off too but I made myself have my usual 3 meals. By week 14-15 my all day nausea was mostly gone. Hang in there! 💪🏻

I still can't stand the smell of cooking from the time I know I'm pregnant till now n my gal is close to 15mth. Hope your goes away sooner.

Try to take small portions of food. For me, my MS lasted a little after week 14. You will feel better after 1st trimester hopefully!

shortly after tested positive at week 4, I had the same issue.. it lasted for at least 2 months for me before it gets better..

happened to me! I ate out until week 14, week 15 onwards somehow the cooking smell was okay to me 😅