No appetite 1st trimester

This is my 2nd pregnancy. I am 8 weeks pregnant and have a challenging 1st trimester with morning sickness. I don't have appetite to eat eventhough I am really hungry. Haven't been cooking for weeks because I couldn't stand the smell of any food. I will only order in when I am super hungry. Can anyone share if you have gone through the same and what kind of food and snacks do you standby at home?

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going thru the same and always forcing myself to sleep so the nauseous feeling will go away for awhile but my sleeps recently are pretty meh, always wake up on between. I try to eat yoghurt w granola, or meiji plain biscuit and sometimes sip on 100 plus if plain water makes me wanna gag. I really hope mine will subside soon when approaching 2nd trimester... oh, I just bought the preggies pop drops from shopee, some say it is v effective but hasn't arrived yet. hope it helps me when I'm feeling nauseous. take care and jiayou tgt. :)

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