Week 5, feeling light nauseous but feel better after eating something

Hi, I am about on Week 5, I felt bit bloated and light nauseous (not so serious that I need to vomit) but I feel I need to eat something light in order to get the nauseous feeling to go away. Is it normal, or if anyone feeling the same? I am afraid I eat too much also. Thank you in advance. #1stimemom #advicepls

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Meeee! I’m gagging so much esp when i feel like my stomach is getting empty. I’m a teacher so i cant eat as and when i like, so i pack biscuits and raisins to snack on 😅

2y ago

😅 i see i see. hope it will get better for you :) Thanks for sharing!

Hi, it is normal. Eat and drink in smaller portions but shorter intervals. Can try sipping on 100plus ( it works well for me ) through out the day to help with the nausea.

2y ago

Thank you! great tip on 100plus, i shall try it!