Sleeping on my left side

I am in my 2nd trimester. So i am making a conscious effort to sleep on my left side ( since its the recommended position) Initially i just used a bolster to help me, but i am aching so much that i decided to get one of those pregnancy pillow. But it is still not helping! I woke up in the middle of the night, having aches on the left side of my body. Especially my arms and my left pelvis area! Anyone experiencing the same problem? Any advices?

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Just toss and turn as and when you feel like it. Just don’t sleep on your back for too long. No choice have to get used to it.. it’ll get more difficult in 3rd trimester when your tummy grows bigger and heavier to turn. Get your partner to press on your back while you lay sideways. That was what my husband did for me every night till I gave birth. Make sure you also wear those pregnancy belt especially for long walks when your tummy grows bigger so the weight of your tummy won’t put stress on your back which can cause those backache at night. ☺️

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