Sore hip when sleeping on the side

Hi mummies, I’m sleeping on my left side as much as I can as I am now in my second trimester. But every night, I will wake up due to soreness in my left hip area. It’s not cramps but the feeling of very bad sore and ache. I do use a bolster in between my legs when I sleep. Any suggestions on what else I can do? Not able to sleep well every night due to this ): #firsttimemom

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Are you using pregnancy pillow? It cushions your hips, depending on how you place your body on it. I used it from late first trimester, naturally sleep on left side (since I was a baby myself according to my mom 😂) and I hadn’t had any aches yet during pregnancy so perhaps it helped? Maybe my left shoulder is a bit achy but I think it’s cos my head didn’t align properly on the pillow. I honestly think it is ok to sleep however you want, as long as you’re able to sleep well and comfortably. I find it hard to believe it matters so much when historically, women have given birth successfully without caring which side they sleep. Some doctors don’t prescribe this to their patients as they do not think the findings are convincing enough 😅

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Ya try pregnancy pillow (those big U shape pillow). I had the same problem when I first tried sleeping on my sides (either shoulder or hip pain). No more discomfort after using pregnancy pillow 🤓 oh ya watch online video to see how to use it cos it took me a while to find my most comfortable positions

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