Sleeping position?

I have always been a back sleeper and read from many articles and sources that it is best to sleep on the left as the baby grows. I am currently in my 13 weeks now and I have trouble sleeping at the side as I totally cannot feel comfortable lying on my left/right despite trying for a few times? I did pop pillow by my side to support me but still did not get it. Should I get a pregnancy pillow and try to sleep on my side?

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Put a pillow behind your back to prevent yourself from rolling on your back instead of the side 😊 Actually I didn’t really stick to the left side during early pregnancy. It was at maybe 25 weeks onwards then I started trying to sleep on my left (I’m a right sleeper 🙃) but I will still subconsciously wake up on my back or right 😅 I didn’t use any pregnancy pillow thru out, I just position myself back to the left when I wake up/during day time. 35 weeks onwards I started sitting down to sleep cause left right back all can’t breathe 🙃

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2mo ago

Thank you for the tips! Sleeping is already quite hard during all trimester so it's best to be comfortable! 😁