Sleeping on left side problem

I am in my third trimester week 34. I seen a lot of resources stating it’s better to sleep on the left side, however, I have difficulty doing so as I felt more breathless and nausea compared to sleeping on the right. Would there be any issue if I sleep more on the right compared to the left?

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The left is the preference from Ob as better for circulation and digestion, but right also ok. I also checked last appointment with my Ob if it is ok to sleep mostly upright and he had no concerns as long as I am not flat on my back. Both sides uncomfortable after a while.

Thanks for your confirmation. In fact sometimes I feel more comfortable sleeping on my back too. But I always try to keep it to side. How about laying back while sitting on sofa for a long period?

No issue at all as long as youre sleeping on your sides. I totally feel you. I feel more uncomfortable breathless and nausea sleeping on my right instead of left. Sometimes i still sleep on my back too

4mo ago

hahahhaha same! When i realised im sleeping on my back i would poke or shake my tummy until baby moves to make sure baby is fine 😂

I sleep on my right almost exclusively. I find it hard to breathe sleeping on my left.

I asked my gynae about it he say no issue as long as side sleeping

4mo ago

Wow thanks much it’s reassuring