Sleeping on left side making a shift in my body shape?

Hi mummies and experts, I read that pregnant mums are encouraged to sleep on their left side. I'm starting my second trimester and have been sleeping on my side early into pregnancy every night (using a maternity long pillow). But over time, I found that my body is oddly distributed: more lob-sided on my left side with a small bulge of flesh? Not sure if it's due to the position of the fetus or my shifting organs. So I look like a mild 'S' from the front with that tiny bulge. Wondering if mummies out there also experience the same?

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It's actually ok to sleep on whatever side that is comfortable for you. Just don't sleep on your tummy or your back, flat. I tried to sleep on my left but with terrible heartburn, it gets very uncomfortable even on any side so I will keep changing sides until I can sleep. Gets really uncomfortable when you're in your 3rd tri. You'll toss and turn until you get the right position. Sometimes I will sleep on my back but elevated with pillows. 1 mth pp today.

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as long as your baby is healthy and happy inside your body, don't worry much abt the shape of your body, it will return to normal after delivery. (: