How much to eat?

I am in my 16th week, and my appetite seems to improve now. However, I don't get hungry easily. While my body weight dropped about 6kg, I don't feel super weak. So my question is, how much shall I eat, to keep the weight up and also providing enough nutrients for baby? I'm just afraid of overeating when I'm not even hungry will lead to vomiting again...

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Super Mum

Take your 3 usual meals, maybe add on about 20% more than you usually eat if you’re feeling hungry. Otherwise, you can eat your usual amount and take some healthy snacks in between meals (2-3 of them throughout the day:))... fruits, nuts, etc. Occasional treats are also nice:)

3y ago

Thank you Cherlyn! I'm new to the apps and only noticed your reply now. Appreciate your reply and suggestions very much!!

for me, just eat food with more nutrition, you don't need to eat more than usual. take prenatal multivitamin daily if you are afraid of not.having enough nutrition.