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I am still in trim 1 and i lost 2-3 kg. Hasnt been able to eat at all and only survive on dry crackers and a bit of milo. Sometimes even will puke out milo. And now due to the phobia of vomiting, i dun dare to eat even tho hungry and also no appetite. Can only eat dried and plain cracker. Feel so weak everyday. Add-on: i just ate and then within 15mins i puke all out again.

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In my first tri, I lost 8-9kg and only gained back 3kg so far in my 3rd tri. This was due to severe nauseous and nothing could be kept in my stomach. I had to go back for drips as I was severely dehydrated too. But baby still grew well in me and now in my week 30, baby is already 1.4kg even though my weight didn’t gain much from the lost.

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I m like u. I ate biscuits, plain bread n mostly on porridge. Ate a few spoon feel full. I cannot take milk. It will make it more worse.

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Have you brought this up to your gynae? They may be able to give you some meds that will help.

Split smaller meals throughout the day. Maybe can eat some porridge or drink some soup.

3y ago

Tried. I puke out whatever i eat. Even just rice and soup and is a small bowl. The only thg i wun puke out is the dried plain cracker. 😭😭😭