I want a Second baby - hubby doesn’t want one

I have spoken, cried, cajoled, pleased, begged, everything in my power to try to convince him. He is dead set against it. It’s been 2 years and he simply refuses. He said one is more than enough. I stopped birth control but he uses a condom. How do I get pregnant anyway? Can I poke holes in the condom. Does that work? Update: I have tried to talk to him till the cows go home, counselling also done, heart to heart as well. Pls give some other suggestion

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Lol i oso get annoyed reading simple ‘talk to your spouse/go to PD’ comments spewing around the forum, without elaborating on further details. I mean, wheres the added value and is it constructive to just type a comment like that, might as well dun comment lo.. Anyway, back to your case, does he believe in fengshui? Or anything that he believes in that u can tie your narrative in. Eh ppl say got 2 kids better cos ‘shuang’. Or if u already has a girl, it’s commonly known the happiest family consists of 2 girls. This one research says one, not me. How about interference from the almighty inlaws? Can they help?

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I think you need to talk to him nicely and find out the reason why he doesn’t want a 2nd child. Pls don’t resort to using those underhand method, even if u successfully get pregnant, what’s the point if he doesn’t love the 2nd child? And maybe blame you for it.

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If u poke holes in condom n get pregnant successfully, u gonna bear all the responsibilities? If yes then go ahead since its a one sided wish and if its also a one sided responsibility it is very reasonable

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Respect your husband. He might not be able to afford financially. Having a kid is not just a responsibility of 1 but both parents. Talk things out between each other and try to give him time. 😊

Really need to understand what is it blocking him emotionally.. Don't use poking holes la.. Haha.. Cause if things go bad it may turn into a divorce instead.

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Sorry to hear this. But rather than doing underhand methods, why not talk to him nicely? Or maybe go thru a marriage counseling session together? 😊

talk to him and understand his reasons. dont need to stoop so low.

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Maybe have to understand his reason why doesn't want

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A happy marriage is important. Must mutually consent


Need both parties to agree in order to have number 2