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I have a small box fridge that I put in my room for my bottled drinks. Can I use that to store my breast milk too? Or is it advisable to use the normal fridge/freezer to store? I'm left with 2 mths before I give birth. Need advice from breastfeeding mummies since I have no knowledge on this. And also how to store, when to use and how to use my breastmilk. Appreciate any kinds of advice. TIA! ☺️

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Hi babe I use the small fridge to store the days feed for bubs when I’m at work. And the rest I deep freeze for days when my supply dip.(happens during period) Storage guideline is 3 days in fridge 6 month in freezer 4hrs in room temperature Invest in a bottle warmer to warm up the chilled milk. Also don’t rush to buy a specific type of baby bottles (I did) as some baby are fussy with the teats so it’s a trial and error for the suitable bottle to feed baby.. hehe

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2y ago

Oh no! I've already bought the milk bottles - Avent natural 😬 Thank you for your reply. Another question is.. If i were to bring my stored milk for outings in a milk bottle, I should use it within that 4 hrs?