Do children pick up their parents’ values?

Parents hope that children will grow up with the right values they inculcate. But there is always a lingering worry: what if they do not? I hope this blogpost will set you thinking about values. If it does, please share and spread the kindness.

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Hope is always better than no hope, isn't it? Perhaps parents can ask when is it that kids start to deviate and not listen? As kids grow older, they begin to form their own opinions based on what they observe at home, in school and outside. With so many distractions around them, we need to constantly monitor their behaviour, guide them to the right path when they weakened due to peer pressure, assure them and encourage them not to succumb to negative influences around them. Even as adults, there are moments when we have our weak moments... Thus not easy for kids to manage too. Don't give up, continue to guide and encourage them:)

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I believe children are like sponges, always absorbing everything around us. So we must set a good example. But at some point in their lives, children must become accountable for their own actions. You can teach them all you want, but if they are stubborn, it’s really on them. You can’t force them. Only guide them.

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i think kids will definitely pick up parent's value...even if they reach their rebellious stage and try to "defy", it's usually the values that pull them's important to always be mindful and set a good example..

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Yes. Children has an inquisitive mind and learn through observations. They will mimic our behaviors, right or wrong. As such, we are always at our best behavior when we’re with the children

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Yes. Walk the talk. And mean it. Because children can tell if we are doing what we preach. Thank you for reading the post.