Is it true yakult isn’t suitable for children even after 2yo?

I have been seeing a thread in Google “Is yakult suitable for a 2yo child?” And as I read most of it I think it is safe to summarize that the Kung of a 2yo is developing this not advisable to give 1 bottle daily as in the long run it may cause a 2yo to have asthma or phlegm building up (cough and etc). Some moms mention they stop completely or a cheat day of 1-2 sips for once every two weeks. But still not advisable by several TCMs. - My 2yrs 1months 2days son was having 1 bottle yesterday to himself. I may have sip away 2 sips. It was the most amount of yakult he ever had. Throughout the night he woke 3-5 times crying and sweating which is very unusual of him. In the morning 6ish woke up and 8ish woke up again he told me tummy pain. But not the kind to go toilet as he told me he did not need to go potty. Now he’s sleeping back. - In the noon and night we had self-made airfry potatoes. However one of the potato is more dry up and semi-squishy in texture. Do you think it’ll be a cause as well coz I too read something on dry potato but if cooked properly and eaten in small amount shouldn’t pose threats. Potatoes-wise he didn’t have it all to himself coz we were eating with him too. - Please advise & thank you in advance!!

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