I'm Tested Positive, Now What?

I had been trying for a year now. Ytd was a big surprised that I went ahead and test my urine. I have not told my hub yet, I want to surprise him next Monday on our wedding anniversary . What should I do now? See a doctor to confirm pregnancy or look for a gynecologist instead?

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Congrats to you! Since the urine test is confirmed positive, you should schedule the first appointment with your gynae when you are 8 weeks pregnant, starting from the first day of your last period.

Congrats! I would share with my hubby first before our next step. What I did after testing positive was visit Poly to confirm and got a referral to KK. Unless you have your preferred gynae


For me i went to the polyclinic and confirm again and after which get referral to the hosp for appt. Doc will also prescribed u some folic acid for your pregnancy.

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congrats!! you can go poly and confirmed your pregnancy then they will refer you to the hospital that you want to go for appt. :)

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Congratulations! You can buy folic acid (Watson or guardian) has it. And make appt to see gynae to confirm pregnancy

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Make an appointment with polyclinic first and they will refer you to KKH for further check ups. Congrats!

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U can share news with hubs first den both look for a gynae together? Enjoy the journey. All the best!

congrats! u can go to polyclinic to get your pregnancy documented and get folic acid from the dr :)

U can double confirm with another test kit