28 weeks - ART Positive

Was tested ART positive when I went for my appt just now at the hospital as I've symptoms. Now what should I do. Go for PRC test at the GP or test again after 72 hours? *ps appt have been reschedule

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I was tested art positive too when I had slight fever,currently week 30. I immed went down to GP, they performed an art test and a pcr test. Art test came back within the day and was negative. I did an art self test that night again and it’s also negative.Pcr test came back the next day also negative. So the kit I tested the first time round may not be accurate. Best to see GP and do PCR in my opinion. Then monitor if there’s any symptoms within that week

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Super Mum

I believe it’s an ART test as the Govt is moving away from PCR unless you are traveling or other circumstances. Then home quarantine should be carried out unless your symptoms are severe. Take good care mama 😔