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I feel troubled at times. I found out this June 9, 2020 that I'm pregnant. It's been a few weeks actually that I feel exhausted all the time, I always pee as in! Ang hirap mag hold back at times lalo na when I'm traveling , i feel like my mood changes drastically that I feel anxious about anything. My last period was April 25, 2020. I didn't even bother suspecting that I'm pregnant and when I popped the news towards my man asking him kung kelan namin pwedeng sabihin sa parents namin he's like "parang wala lang" every time I bring it up. He's always like "sige go! Sabihin mo!" in a way na parang Inis na Inis sya. Since I was still in college I feel really troubled kasi my parents are really strict and I'm scared to disappoint them. My man has just graduated and he started a business weeks after he knew the news and right now although it's for us naman, I can't help but feel neglected I mean, kaya nyang mag chat sa ibang babae na friends nya and he couldn't even spare a minute just to check up on me. I just don't know kung sino mapalapitan. I feel so alone enduring all of these. I fell inlove with being pregnant and I'm really really grateful to God. I'm planning to start a business and I feel like, I couldn't rely on my man on this stuff. What should I do😞

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Hello there future mommy! I kinda know how it feels to be alone during the first few months of my pregnancy. I was also too scared to tell my parents, because I know they expected much from me. I didn't want to disappoint them. I felt like I had no one to share my feelings with even though my partner was supportive and really encouraged me to open up to him. Feeling ko hindi siya enough, which was wrong kasi siya lang talaga nandyan the whole time. He was also the one to push me to tell my parents. I was crying kasi I know masasaktan ko mom ko but the key is to acknowledge their feelings. Expect the worst nalang but you will be surprised how much your parents love you. My mom was like "I trusted you." When I told her but she also flew from Cebu to come see me here in Manila a week after, offering me all the support and advice that she could. So I think when you are ready, I am praying na sana soon, I hope you can tell your parents already because maybe they are the best support you need during these difficult times. Be strong always!

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Thank you, I really needed that

Hello sis. How are you? I'm 19 weeks pregnant pero di pa alam ng parents ko. I'm still studying in college kaya natatakot ako sabihin sa kanila. Inaantay ko nalang na makahalata sila kasi natatakot talaga ako :(

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Hello you know I've been there. I'm studying right now nga kasi I'm in my 3rd year of engineering at first nagalit yung parents ko tapos grabe talaga yung mga nangyari. But somehow you should give your parents a time to absorb it kasi natural lang na magalit sila kasi shempre mahal ka nila and somehow sooner or later magiging owkay din ang lahat. I was really scared as well. Pinagalitan ako kasi let's say na grabe yung reputation ko and na fufulfil ko talaga yung expectations ng parents ko. Ni once I never disobeyed them kasi mahal ko sila. But it took me all the courage to tell my mom na "ma, I'm pregnant" but you know. My mom told me na "mabuti yung ginawa mo to tell us. Wala na tayong magagawa but to accept the baby kasi little angel yan. Ang mahalaga ngayon is how you'll rise up after mo madapa, kahit naguiguilty ka man or feeling mo na na disappoint mo kami ng dad mo. Gusto kasi namin na mag tapos ka to build a future para sa angel na nasa tummy mo. Ang mahalaga you didn't even tr