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I feel that I have not rested well at all during my 4 months of maternity leave and I am going back to work soon. During confinement, my mom helped me with it but at night my hubby and I takes care of baby. My baby is not an easy one. She is a light sleeper and she doesn’t nap much in the day no matter what we did (swaddle, listen to music, white noise etc) so I have to entertain her and could not do much in the day. My mom has her own house to take care so she will come over to my place in the noon whenever my hubby WFH to take care of baby with me. Although my hubby WFh sometimes, he has meetings via zoom to attend and has lots of work so he can’t take care of baby. Now he’s back to office and I have to wake up very early every day to send my baby to my moms place so I can go back home to do my housework. If my mom comes over to my place, I will also take care of baby together with her as she’s old. We don’t have much to engage a helper and my hubby doesn’t not like the idea too. I just feel very tired and stressed every day and previously I couldn’t take care of baby on my own as I had c sect. And now I have to take care of baby, do housework and pump diligently even at night. I really hate it when people said “Wow, four months of leave ! So shiok”. I just wish that I can have a bit more sleep. I had also zero help from my in laws whom I really don’t want to keep in touch anymore as they don’t even care about my baby. Thanks for listening. #firstbaby

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deep breath mummy, youve got this. talk to your husband about it, on how exhausted you feel and try to work it out? I remember when i had my first child, it was indeed overwhelming with so many things to do that i even cried while i cared for my baby and managing the house. Learn to prioritize your task, when baby sleeps, sleep along with them to catch up your nap. Leave the house chores aside first. Might want to consider no-pay leave at the moment? At least still can care for baby, and get some rest as much as possible. When baby latch, you can use your hakkaa at the same time to collect letdowns so that you dont have to pump much after that then can rest more.

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