I feel sad. I want to delay putting my lo in childcare as much as possible. I want her to have a free childhood. But me and my husband are both working. Being a sahm mom is not an option because of financial issues. My mom who is her current caretaker when I'm at work told me that she wants me to send my kid to childcare asap. If not, find a babysitter elsewhere. I don't understand why she can't wait a few more months. The way she talks about my lo is like she's a burden. We give her the same amount of money she earns when she was working, for taking care of my lo. And we don't even ask her to do anything (house chores Etc) or buy anything. Just to take care of lo. I feel so guilty. I feel like I'm robbing my child of a carefree childhood. She has to start school so early (my mom asked me to put her in childcare at 18 mths) and won't stop till she starts working in adulthood. I just wish I can become a sahm and look after her myself. I teared looking at her after I pat her to sleep. If any of you have any positive words to share, please do. I need them right now.

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same issue here. but it is my mil taking care of my girl. my mum wants me to put baby in later but my mum needs to work so cannot help. so coming year she has to go childcare. I really thinking of quitting but I will wait till I am pregnant with 2nd kid. I trying to think positively as in my baby can go make friends and play.. and learn sth. better than at home watch tv with mil. just worried she will get sick..

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5y ago

me too! I worry she'll get sick. but I think I'll just get over it. and think of the positives :)