post partum depression (mummy blues)

i feel like my newborn hates me. he was taken away right after my csection. no skin to skin as they had to check his blood sugar. i didnt get to meet him until day 2. husband was the one who first held him. up till now he fuss and cries whenever i change his diapers, feed hom or bathe him. it is very hard to soothe him, only my husband managed to calm him down whenever he cries. i came to a point where i will cry whenever he cries. i feel devastated. ive waited for him for so long, now that i got him i feel as though he hates me. he wouldnt latch on to me, my supply is ridiculously low even though im on supplements and power pumping i only get 10-20ml per boob. i feel scared and sad whenever im with my baby. im his mother and i shouldnt be feeling this way!

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Hugs, I know it feels very overwhelming and partly because your hormones are out of whack after going through huge changes. You're not alone and a lot of people go through this too. It doesn't seem obvious right now but your baby loves you, and soon once they're a bit older you will see it very clearly and it will make it all worth it. Your supply will slowly increase, if you can direct latch that's the best way to increase supply. Visit a lactation consultant if you have trouble latching. Don't be afraid to seek help. It will get much better very very soon!

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baby usually cry with their mum. thats the way they interact. your baby might be telling u something but can only interact thru crying. my daughter always cry since nb till 3m. but now 8m and doesn't want anyone except me. cheer up mummy. i also went thru depression before just the same like you. don't think too much, share w ur husband and get his help. talk to someone whenever u need. ❤

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No, please do not think that way. Newborns knows no hate & can actually smell the scent of his/her mother. Give yourself some time. You'll get the hang of it. Try to cuddle with your baby, latch your baby as much as needed for that bonding time. You'll be okay. You'll know your baby actually loves you and will keep clinging on you (will cry if he notices that you're not around).

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Newborns don’t discriminate. They are contented with anyone who can comfort them. Keep trying so that u know how to comfort your baby.

Hi , please don't be discourage . Keep trying to hold your baby in your arms .