I feel like I am getting violent to teach my son who is 7 years old. He is very mischievous and hard to teach. Whenever he watch tv and I off it, he will start shouting. At first I am very patient to ask him to study, use other method to coax him. My mother in law always give in to him and let him watch tv non stop from back to school until I come back from work around 7-8. He also never give in to his sister. They will fight and disturb my 5 months old baby. Early morning, he will also cry like mad and shouting to my helper if she is showering him . Just now before bed time, I used my hand to beat him. Omg. I lose patience. He shouted and shouted, bb woke up and can't sleep. I tried to teach him and even want to read books with him but whenever my in laws are around, things get worst.

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Don't give in whenever they throw tantrums. Sit down & plan a time-table together. Be firm that screen time is limited daily & only given after work is completed. Always try to catch him doing right things, eg. if he finishes his homework or play well with sister, give affirmation. Never punish or worse, hit our kids when we are "boiling" ourselves. I do cane once in a while for more serious acts of defiance but I use it only after I have calmed down & could explain to them the reason why the act warrants caning. Always try to remind myself the child always learn more from our acts as role model. If we shout a lot, why can't they shout at home too? MIL issue is the hardest. We can't control how they respond to our kids & sometimes, hard to convince them to do things our way without offending them. Have you considered putting him in student care after school? I think better than watching TV all day long.

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