Baby is BIG. No GDM

Hi, i feel like my baby is getting too big (1kg @ 26 weeks measuring close to 28 weeks GA). Here’s the thing, I’m not a big fan of rice, have it many once in 4 days or so. My bread has always been wholemeal and I take my tea/coffee without sugar (since uni days) but my baby keep growing bigger and doc keeps advising me to control my carbs/sugar intake. I seriously feel like I’m not taking carbs and sugar like average people since i dont like them. Tested for GDM and my glucose level was normal, borderline low.

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Tulis jawapan
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hi, maybe you could ask the doc to refer you to meet a dietician. low sugar is not good also. the baby weight is only as an expectation not the real weight. mine was expected to be 3.8kg, but born with 3kg only.