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can i eat spicy food? does spicy food rlly triggers labor? craving for some spicy noodles but i have 6 weeks left to EDD so afraid that smth will happen..

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Hi... nope. Spicy food does not trigger labor. However, you might wanna reduce the spice level and eat in moderation

I have 4weeks left. I craving for spicy noodles like... Hot chicken Maggie :X but share instead of finishing alone.

can but in moderation. being preggo and eating spicy food will result in heartburn for long hours 😅

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I ate chilli padi daily. My baby is fine. But please don't go extreme like samyang or ghost pepper.


I had this spicy food carving since start of 3rd Tri everyday spicy food even chili padi no issue

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I don’t believe.. but I think we just have to monitor and in moderation.

Wont trigger labour. Spicy food causes baby skin to be not nice though

I love spicy food! Had it throughout pregnancy. My bb came full term

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Should be ok to eat. Just rem to have it in moderation.

Yeap. This is something I.never quit. But in moderation