Craving for spicy food

Do you guys eat spicy food throughout pregnancy?

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Been eating spicy food thru out my pregnancy & even bfr im pregnant! Its a staple but i do limit myself because if not i laosai everyday hahahah. So far baby is active & well!! 36 wks now

Yes I love spicy food and I can’t live without them! Have been eating spicy food throughout, just had malaxianguo last night 🙊

I super duper crave for spicy food. Every meals will surely have chilli dish. The more spicy the better. Lol.

Yes, always craving for spicy food when preg and must have chilli for every meal till my hubby also shocked

Almost every alternate day but I try to steer away cos of heartburn problems. Hehehe but that's the craving...

I did. My gynae even mentioned that chili contains vitamin A, feel free to eat everything in moderation

My spicy tolerance got so much better when I am pregnant, which amazes me 😄

I ate samyang spicy noodle 🤣

Nope I don’t even like spicy food

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tysm all for the replies :)