I dont get to spend much time with my baby as i am a full time working mum. I also do long hours. There are days where I can only spend 1 hour a day with her. For those who spend less than an hour each day with your children, have you ever thought of switching jobs to cut down on travelling time or reduce working hours?

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It did crossed my mind but its not easy as currently i enjoy my current work envirnoment and my collegaues. With this bad economy, its not easy to start a new job with work life balance. Perhaps need some sheer luck. I try to ask my hubby to spend more time with my baby on weedays and i compensate on weekends so much so that i can only find my right balance there. Perhaps for the time being as my company is facing some form of crisis, hopefully when times are better, they could hire another staff to help me out so that i can really strike a good life balance. Just bear with it for the time being for our future.

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Yes and I sometimes literally see him for 15 mins and I have to rush to work and I come home way after he sleeps. Weekends too - I usually have to work and spend limited time. But changing jobs won't be the answer because I enjoy my work now and changing jobs for this reason is the wrong reason. I don't want to end up not liking my new job and feel angry and resentful. That would really defeat the purpose. I think I am a happier mom loving my job but trying to find the right balance with my child.

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Don't worry mummy... if is still a baby and your situation does not allow you to have more time for the baby... give yourself up to 3 years old for one hour per day... thereafter you have to give more of your time and spend efforts on your little one... our case it works... though wife take cares solely while husband works hard and only interact with our little one at 3.5 years old but the little one still loves daddy as much as mother...

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yes i did. I used to be working for long hours but since after baby i reduce my working hours because i feel our time is so little . And i m not the one looking after baby since my child was born and realize he is growing fast so i try to reduce working hours so i can spend some time with him before he grow up so fast :( Perhaps you can try looking for a job nearby and if finance permit perhaps u can be a full time stay at home mum ☺

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Growing up, I rarely saw my parents because they were busy working and never once did I think they loved me any less. I knew my parents felt bad about not spending as much time as they'd like with me and my brothers but it never bothered us. We understood how they felt and that everything that they did, they did for our well being. What you're doing, its for your child's future. Don't worry too much. Chin up momma :)

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I am also a full time working and a single mom at that. I travelled a lot and meetings reached till dinner time. But once I am home, I focus on my Son. Weekends are also spent with him. I try not to work on weekends. Just be with your child 100% when it’s their time.

Discuss with your partner, if financially allow, you may look for part time job or you want to take care of her for first few years then back to workforce. That is a hard decision but you will gain quality time and see her meet her milestones that will no regret.

Discuss with your spouse ! if both of you are comfortable and financial allows, why not? Watching and being by them during every milestone is definitely priceless and worthwhile afterall! They grow up too fast, enjoy while you can !!!

I switched to part time (half my original hours) after maternity leave ended. Salary also halved, but we are making do with reduced expenditure.

yes of course, feel guilty about spending less times with kids. maybe can consider with part time jobs or even work lesser hours.