I find my working hours are too long and is causing my LO to prefer my mum or helper over me. What other jobs can i consider to seize the golden childhood time with my baby? Has anyone thought of this question?

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I have studied this topic to death as I am a working mum who is affluent enough to stop work and still give my child the best in life. However as I am in a demanding profession, I am required to be in the office or working about 12 hours a day and 8-10 hours over the weekend. And yet I still choose to work. The reason being that science has proved countless times that it's the quality of time not quantity that makes a child bond with their mother. Mum and child have a bond through pheromones in the body that starts from pregnancy. A baby instinctively can smell his mum and no matter how much or little time we spend with our child, science has ensured us that a baby will always know who his mother is. So you don't have to worry about baby not remembering you. It is your decision if you want to stay at home or do a less demanding job - but do note that you are doing this for your own welfare and not your child's. Read this for more on the subject: http://www.inforefuge.com/science-of-smell-mother-infant-bonding

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I ever thought of quitting and take care of him personally so that I will not miss any his first move but financial will be all on my husband. I was told by my mil that no matter what the child will still prefer his own mom. So don't worry. My husband told me when he is entering pri sch then is the time to take care of him and to teach as grandparents will be the one spoiling them.

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Any way you could speak to your boss for a more flexible working schedule or changing to a part-time scheme? If you can work something out such that you can work from home, it may be an option to consider. Otherwise, you can look at your current family expenditure and see if you could make any lifestyle changes to allow you to be a SAHM.

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