Working moms, how many hours in a day are you able to spend quality time with your kids?

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I am blessed to be working from home since 2014. I start my work at 5am and when the kids wake up at 8 or 9AM, they can sit beside while they eat their breakfast and I can guide them with their play and activities in between my work. I am also able to breastfeed my babies while I am working. This might be a not so common scenario, and only work at home moms can relate to, but I am just so thankful for this wonderful opportunity.

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8y ago

That's nice. Can I personally ask what home job it is? I really want to have a home-based job while caring for my toddler.

Sadly, if I'm being really honest with myself and just count the absolute quality time (not rushed or distracted), the answer would be just 2-4 hours a day excluding meal times. These are the times when I'm just reading with her, playing with her, or taking her to the park.

I always make sure that I spend quality time with my bub. He's really clingy and at his age, he wants my attention so much, therefore, I find it hard to focus on my work-at-home job. But lucky I have this happy problem. Not even complaining!

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Real - no gadgets - no mind wandering quality time with my son is about 2-3 hours of bedtime stories and discussions on the question "so anak, what did you do today?"

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During weekdays, I can only get to bond with my daughter after reaching home about 2-3 hours. But on weekends, we definitely spent most of the time together.

5 to 6 hours

4 hours