I donoe how to put it but I think my hubby is a bisexual? Recently he has been really really really close to one of our closest fren back then. We parted ways 11 years ago and now we started chatting. They used to be best friend until I came along. I find it weird now, that they both do videocalling almost every time of the day and night when they are free. (which guy as a fren would see guy faces and chatted almost 24/7 and what the hell are they talking abt almost every day). And the chat is like super long chat can last up to hours. He at times stayover, and they almost like do things together (go out, send him off downstair, watch TV together late night). Hub even went to 'meet' him after his flight at 7am (when he doesn't even fetch me to work) and the reason: I got nothing to do also at home so just go meet and have breakfast with him. Am I just being paranoid? Or is he really bi? I started to feel that hes really chatty with the fren and not the wife. We don't even talk for hours or video call each other and nvr had any long chat... Should I be jealous? I've known the fren. Maybe it just them having bro 'moment'? We three go out together like old times. He knows me and I knows him..

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I'm a big fan of meeting up in person rather than messaging. I think physical communication is always better than digital, and I really think it's important to get to know people before you try to do business with them. I usually hire https://grab-my-paper.net/ for content writing to spare time for meeting in person. In general, I've found that the people I meet in person tend to be friendlier and more respectful of my time.

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Maybe since they have not met for many years and he wants to have some ‘bro’ time. If this still bothers you, then should talk to ur hubby about this.

Yeah.. suggest u check his phone secretly. Looks like he is from the story u wrote here..

Follow your instinct. Ok video calling is kinda weird tho ..

Best to sit down and talk to him about this, as it can be serious

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Women's intuition is most of the time, correct.