I am direct latching a 2 mth old and exclusively pumping for my 15mth old. I have been getting recurring blocked ducts. Usually, i'd just put on hot compress and massage it under hot shower thereafter. But the block ducts have gotten stubborn lately as i have not been pumping as we were out and about for the past 1 week. I wouldnt want to try the cold cabbage cos afraid it will affect supply as many mummies mentioned. Will calling a massage lady help? Any other tips u mummies can share? Also, any possible reasons for recurring blocked ducts even when i have been latching on demand? TIA MUMMIES! ?

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Possible reasons are skipped feedings, inadequate milk removal (maybe latch time is too quick), pressure on the breasts (like a bra that's too tight or you sleep on your tummy), and even stress or fatigue. Keep doing what you do: - frequent and longer latching to get more milk out; aim for every 2 hours and try to empty out affected breast - pump and express when you can't directly nurse; pump or hand express after feeding to further drain the milk - nurse while leaning over the baby so that gravity can push the milk down; massage the breast from plugged duct to nipple at the same time - hot compress or massage under hot shower before feeding; cold compress after to soothe inflammation - relax - drink plenty of fluids

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A routine feed or pump session would help. Also try to constantly massage your breast especially the area with blocked ducts. That helped me. Before each feed or pump also massage for at least 15 minutes.

You need to continue pumping no matter what the reason is. It will take time for the ducts to clear and stop returning.

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You can try taking some lechtin. It doesn't cut ur supply down, it helps to thin your milk so it doesn't get block easily

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Yes. Less fatty milk. Or. you can try this method if you don't wish to thin your milk. As you pump, i will also squeeze the breast so it will flow out more and better