Clogged ducts

Hi mummies, I'm EP mum and has recurring clogged ducts at the same breast. I read that taking lecithin helps. Does any mummies know which brand to get? Also any tips for preventing recurring clogged ducts? What do u do when there is clogged duct?

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Sunflower lecithin from legendairy. Works v well

I’m taking Sunflower lecithin from NOW Foods 2-3 times , 2 capsules a day and it has been my life saver since!! Much more affordable compare to legendairy as well.

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Normally i will massage and prepare a warm clothes to put on the breast... Make it comfortable

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legendiarymilk sunflower lecithin! legit lifesaver

3mo ago

I second this. Got recurring clogged ducts and this saved my life too!

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Pump keep pumping. Massage before pumo or hot comoress helps. Usually after awhile it will unclog and got better.