Clogged milk ducts - swollen armpits

I’m 6 days post partum and I have clogged milk ducts on both my armpits. Baby is not latching well so I have been pumping my milk out. Any remedies for swollen armpits?

Clogged milk ducts - swollen armpits
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It happen to me too even though my baby latch well.. What you need to do is just to massage your armpit.. Push it downwards towards your breast.. It will go away gradually..

if you are going to do the jamu massage, your masseuse can help to clear the lumps by massaging them

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Hi mama, Have you tried warm compresses? Or warm showers? I found some remedies here:

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go for those breast massage. i have this too super pain. i tried remedies it wont help

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try cold cabbage