blocked ducts

I keep getting blocked ducts on my right boob and it’s bothering me so much 😭 the worst part is my right boob is my slacker boob with a low supply to begin with, but now with blocked ducts, the supply is even lower!! i’ve tried taking sunflower lecithin, warm compress, massages, hand expressing, but the blocked ducts keep coming back, even tho i don’t miss any pump sessions. it’s so bad i’m seriously considering weaning off just my right boob 😩 is it normal to wean off just one side? any mummies have any advice?

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it’s not so normal… but maybe the massages u go to not so effective. one masseuse told me if really desperate situation, try to get husband to suck but don’t drink the milk (spit it out instead). cos their suck strength is harder than baby’s.